Meet Erica

My story and why I’m running

My Story

I grew up in Prince William County and have lived here most of my life, attending both public and private school. My mom is a retired teacher and principal for Prince William County Schools, and my dad is a retired Prince William County Police Officer. From a young age, I was taught the value of public service and the importance of community.

I met my husband – an Army combat veteran – while we attended the same High School here in the County. After he was injured in Afghanistan and retired, we chose to settle down here permanently to raise our three boys. I started volunteering at our children’s schools: in the classroom, front office, lunchroom, and library, and on the PTO. Later, I had the opportunity to serve as PTO President and on the Advisory Council. By volunteering, I was able to connect with so many families in our community, and get to know the students, teachers, staff and administrators at the schools our children attend.

When COVID hit, I watched as the school system’s shut down of in-person learning took a huge emotional and mental toll on my 3 boys and so many of their classmates. Together with other parents, I went to the School Board to demand that our children resume in-person learning, and then to demand an end of the mask mandate in school and on the sports field so that our children could resume a normal childhood.

I watched for years while the school system made decisions that negatively impacted the learning, social development, and emotional well being of my children and countless others. Like so many of the parents I’ve met and spoken with, I know that our children deserve so much better. That’s why I’m running for School Board: to be a strong voice for parents, to always ask the tough questions, and ensure that our children receive the world-class education they deserve.

My Priorities

Restore Transparency & Accountability

True accountability requires full transparency by the School Board. It’s time for the school system to communicate fully and regularly with parents, teachers, and community members. Every parent and member of the public should know exactly what is being taught to our children and how our money is being spent, and parents should be involved every step of the way.

Prioritize Student Achievement & Academic Excellence

Our school system has undermined student achievement by focusing on unattainable “equal outcomes”, reckless stay-at-home policies, and partisan social experiments. As your representative on the School Board, I will work to refocus our schools on student achievement to prepare our children for the real world and train them to be resilient, creative problem solvers and critical thinkers.

Foster a Culture of Respect

Differences bring us together and make us stronger. Instead of needlessly divisive policies, our school system should focus on creating and promoting collaboration and a sense of shared community between teachers and staff, parents, and students. This means respecting parents’ interests in their children’s education, respecting teachers’ commitment and time, and enforcing safe and appropriate behavior with every student.