Jeanine Lawson

Jeanine Lawson

Brentsville District Supervisor, Candidate for At-Large Chair of the Board of County Supervisors

“Erica embodies the ideal school board representative.  For years, she’s been dedicating her life to kids and our school community through various roles as a sports mom, advisory council member, PTO board member, serving on county commissions, and more.  She has a keen understanding of Prince William County Schools and the challenges ahead.  You can count on Erica to challenge status quo and be a strong advocate for parents.  I’m proud to endorse her and ask you to join me in supporting her campaign.”

Yesli Vega

Yesli Vega

Coles District Supervisor

“As a devoted mother of three children in PWCS, Erica Tredinnick knows the vital role parents play in our children’s lives and education. I know that she’ll work tirelessly on the Prince William School Board to lift up the voices of children, parents, teachers, and administrators to raise standards, reward merit, and provide our children with the first-class education they deserve.”

Sheriff Glen Hill

Glen Hill

Prince William County Sheriff

“I am delighted to endorse Erica Tredinnick for School Board in the Brentsville District. As Sheriff, I know the importance of supporting our school system and the impact this can have on the safety and success of our community. Erica shares my commitment to ensuring our students receive the quality of education they deserve and that our schools are safe environments for learning and growth. She has a deep understanding of the needs of our students and the skills to lead our school board in the right direction. Please join me in supporting Erica Tredinnick for School Board.”

Gil Trenum

Gil Trenum

Brentsville District School Board Representative, 2010-2019

“Erica Tredinnick will be an outstanding school board representative for the Brentsville District. An engaged parent to three PWCS students, she experiences first-hand the school division decisions that impact students and families. She will work to ensure the school system prioritizes learning outcomes for all students over ivory-tower theories and administrative bureaucracy. Erica will stand up for parents when they advocate for their children, demanding both transparency and accountability from the administration. I’m proud to endorse Erica for Brentsville District School Board Representative.”

Tom Gordy

Candidate for Brentsville District Supervisor

“Erica’s story is one that exemplifies what makes for good schools and successful students – an involved parent. She does not believe that a child’s chance of success is determined by the past. She believes that every child in Prince William County can achieve academic success because of who they are now and because they are challenged toward academic excellence by educators who care. As the Brentsville District School Board Member, she will advocate for schools to be focused on academic achievement rather than ideological influence. She will ensure the PWCS system maintains transparency with parents and that parents are able to be involved in the academic upbringing of their children. I wholeheartedly endorse Erica to be the next Brentsville District School Board Member and look forward to her proactive and positive leadership on behalf of our kids and their parents.”

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